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Amazon Employee Salaries Exposed: Software Engineers Commanding Up to Rs 1 Crore Base Pay

Amazon Employee Salaries Exposed: Software Engineers Commanding Up to Rs 1 Crore Base Pay


The recent leak of Amazon employee salaries follows closely on the heels of similar revelations about Google employees. In this latest disclosure, it has come to light that software development engineers at Amazon are commanding impressive salaries, with some earning as much as $154,000, which translates to approximately Rs 1.2 crore in Indian currency. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the information that has emerged.

The confidential salary information of Amazon’s workforce has made its way onto the internet. Among the highlights is the substantial income earned by software development engineers, reaching up to Rs 1 crore.

However, when compared to Google, it appears that Amazon’s compensation structure may be less lucrative. Interestingly, Amazon has been obligated to furnish data concerning salary offers in its work-visa applications submitted to the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification. It’s reported that Business Insider obtained this data from the said office. It’s important to note that the figures provided exclude any details related to stock-based compensation. Nonetheless, the leaked information offers valuable insights into the standard salary ranges Amazon adheres to across a diverse range of roles. Below are some of the notable pay scales that have been meticulously extracted from the extensive list of job postings.

For instance, a Software Development Engineer (I) at Amazon can expect a salary range of $72,384 to $154,000 (approximately Rs 1 crore). Meanwhile, an Engineer (II) could potentially earn between $101,754 and $174,636 (around Rs 1.4 crore). Moving up the hierarchy, a Principal Software Development Engineer’s remuneration reportedly falls between $160,000 and $298,266 (approximately Rs 2.4 crore), as per the cited source.

Amazon Employee Salaries Exposed: Software Engineers Commanding Up to Rs 1 Crore Base Pay

Further details reveal that a Technical Operations Engineer (I) can earn up to $120,000, a Professional Services (II) role can yield up to $195,000, while a Business Analyst (II) can see earnings of up to $105,000. Other roles, such as Data Center Infrastructure Engineer (II) may reach up to $160,100, Data Engineers and Data Scientists (II) both potentially earn up to $160,000, a UX Designer (I) might see earnings up to $143,000, and a Hardware Development Engineer (II) could earn as much as $180,000.

In comparison, Google has established a reputation for offering higher salaries, often positioning itself as one of the highest-paying tech companies. Recent revelations shed light on the top 10 highest base salaries at Google for 2022, spanning various sectors. Among these, the Software Engineer role commands an impressive base salary of Rs 5.90 crore, while an Engineering Manager could earn Rs 3.28 crore. Roles such as Enterprise Direct Sales, Legal Corporate Counsel, and Sales Strategy all boast substantial base salaries ranging between Rs 2.62 crore and Rs 3.09 crore. Notably, Google’s compensation structure encompasses stock options and bonuses, going beyond just base salaries. It’s essential to recognize that the figures are based on insights shared by a limited number of individuals, as not all employees were comfortable disclosing their equity and bonus information.

This recent revelation sheds light on the dynamic landscape of tech industry compensation, revealing both Amazon’s and Google’s approaches to rewarding their workforce.

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