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Big Billion Days 2023: Flipkart's Pledge to Create 100,000 Job Opportunities

Big Billion Days 2023: Flipkart’s Pledge to Create 100,000 Job Opportunities


E-commerce giant Flipkart is gearing up for its annual shopping extravaganza, The Big Billion Days (TBBD), scheduled to run from September 23rd to September 30th, 2023. To meet the demands of this massive sale event, Flipkart has announced its intention to create an impressive number of seasonal jobs within its pan-India supply chain.

In preparation for the upcoming festive season, Flipkart has set its sights on generating over 100,000 new job opportunities across various segments of its supply chain. These opportunities will extend to fulfilment centers, sortation centers, and delivery hubs, contributing to the economic growth of the regions in which they operate.

What’s noteworthy about Flipkart’s job creation plan is its inclusivity. These seasonal jobs are not limited to a specific demographic; they aim to employ a diverse workforce, including local kirana delivery partners, women, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and others. Hemant Badri, Senior Vice President and Head of Supply Chain, Customer Experience, and ReCommerce at Flipkart Group, emphasized the immense scale and complexity of operations during TBBD, necessitating a substantial scaling up of various aspects of the supply chain.

Big Billion Days 2023: Flipkart's Pledge to Create 100,000 Job Opportunities

Badri explained, “This year, we plan to deliver more than 40% of shipments through our kirana delivery programme. We aim to not only enhance the prosperity of our partners but also to amplify their contributions in expanding our delivery spectrum of diverse products across remote corners of India.”

Flipkart’s expansion efforts have been evident in its increasing footprint of last-mile distribution hubs and fulfilment centers, allowing the company to reach Tier III cities and beyond. With an additional 19 lakh square feet of space, Flipkart has extended its operations across states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Telangana.

To ensure the competence of its workforce in handling the intricacies of modern supply chains, Flipkart offers curated skilling initiatives. These programs equip recruits with the necessary skills to manage various tools and technologies, including supply chain processes, handheld devices, PoS machines, scanners, and mobile applications. This focus on technology-driven supply chains positions Flipkart as a leader not only in e-commerce but also in the larger ecosystem of foodtech and related industries.

Founded in 2007, Flipkart has built a formidable presence in the Indian e-commerce landscape. It boasts a registered customer base exceeding 450 million and collaborates with 11 lakh sellers who collectively offer over 150 million products across more than 80 categories. The upcoming edition of ‘The Big Billion Days’ will mark Flipkart’s tenth iteration since its inception in 2014, highlighting its sustained commitment to delivering exceptional shopping experiences to millions of customers nationwide.

In summary, Flipkart’s pledge to create 100,000 jobs for The Big Billion Days 2023 underscores its dedication to economic growth, inclusivity, and technological advancement in India’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. As Flipkart continues to innovate and expand its operations, it remains a pivotal player in shaping the country’s digital commerce future

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