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Breaking News: TCS, HCLTech, Wipro Advocate Work from Office Approach

Breaking News: TCS, HCLTech, Wipro Advocate Work from Office Approach


Major Indian IT companies, including TCS, Wipro, and HCLTech, are actively urging their employees to return to the office, according to management comments made after the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023-24.

Milind Lakkad, Chief Human Resources Officer at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), stated that the company is prioritizing the reintegration of employees back into the office environment. He mentioned that over 50 percent of TCS staff are already spending more than three days a week at the office. The “Return to Office” initiative has gained momentum, with 55 percent of the workforce already adhering to the schedule.

Notably, TCS had introduced “Return to Office” as one of the goals for employees to achieve during the appraisal cycle. This move aimed to provide incentives for employees to embrace the in-person work setup.

Breaking News: TCS, HCLTech, Wipro Advocate Work from Office Approach

HCLTech, another major IT player, shared similar sentiments. The company’s CEO, C Vijaykumar, revealed that their plan is to bring 70-75 percent of the workforce back to the office by the end of the current year. He emphasized that the decision would be need-based, considering various project requirements. Currently, over 50 percent of HCLTech employees are already present at the office for at least three days a week. The company has implemented a hybrid-first virtual operating model, expecting employees to work from the office for three days each week.

Wipro, too, has been encouraging its employees to return to the office. Rishad Premji, the Chairman of the IT services company, shared his views on the work-from-home versus work-from-office debate at the Nasscom Leadership Summit in 2023. Premji expressed his belief that human connectedness and intimacy cannot be fully achieved, regardless of technological advancements. He emphasized the significance of physical presence in offices to foster collaboration and innovation. Consequently, Wipro has been actively promoting a balanced approach, encouraging employees to return to the workplace in some capacity.

Overall, the major Indian IT companies are making efforts to strike a balance between remote work and in-office presence. While acknowledging the benefits of flexibility, they recognize the importance of in-person interactions in fostering a vibrant work culture and driving innovation. As the year progresses, these companies will continue their endeavors to bring employees back to the office while adapting to evolving needs and preferences.

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