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Chennai IT firm head gifts brand new cars to 50 employees to express ‘gratitude’

Chennai IT firm head gifts brand new cars to 50 employees to express ‘gratitude’

Murali, the co-founder of Ideas2IT Technology Services Private Limited, a Chennai-based IT firm, recently demonstrated his heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering dedication of 50 long-term employees. In a generous and surprising gesture, he decided to express his gratitude by gifting each of them a brand-new car.

Founding the company in 2009 alongside his wife, Murali acknowledged the pivotal role played by some employees who had stood by him through thick and thin since the inception of the venture. In recognition of their loyalty and support, he made a significant decision to convert 33 per cent of the company’s shares, providing them to these dedicated individuals.

Murali also shed light on the company’s commitment to a wealth-sharing program. Last year, the company gifted an impressive 100 cars to its employees as a token of appreciation for their hard work. This remarkable act not only highlights Murali’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding loyalty but also showcases the company’s dedication to fostering a positive and appreciative work culture.

The story reflects a unique blend of gratitude, generosity, and a commitment to employee well-being, creating a positive ripple effect within the workplace. Murali’s actions not only serve as a testament to the importance of acknowledging and rewarding employee dedication but also set a commendable example for fostering a thriving and appreciative organizational culture.

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