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Dedicated Burger King Employee Rewarded with Rs 3.5 Crore After 27 Years of Perfect Attendance

Dedicated Burger King Employee Rewarded with Rs 3.5 Crore After 27 Years of Perfect Attendance


In a heartwarming tale of dedication and recognition, a Burger King employee’s remarkable 27-year attendance streak has resulted in a tidal wave of support, with online donations totaling more than Rs 3.50 crore.

Kevin Ford, a diligent line cook and chef stationed at the Burger King within the McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas, achieved an astonishing feat: he never missed a single day of work in his entire 27-year tenure. Ford’s unwavering commitment to his job resonated deeply with people when a TikTok video of him receiving a seemingly modest “goody” bag of candy, pens, and a Starbucks cup went viral last year. While the company’s token of appreciation left many underwhelmed, it marked the start of a much larger movement.

Ford’s daughter, Seryna, recognized the need to properly honor her father’s incredible dedication. She launched a GoFundMe campaign to give her father the recognition he genuinely deserved. The response was beyond what anyone could have anticipated – the campaign amassed over $418,000 (equivalent to more than Rs 3.48 crore) in donations, underscoring the significant impact Ford had made on people’s lives.

Dedicated Burger King Employee Rewarded with Rs 3.5 Crore After 27 Years of Perfect Attendance

Beyond just a daily job, Ford’s role at Burger King had supported not only his family’s day-to-day needs but also his children’s education and future prospects. The robust unionized health insurance provided by his employer played a pivotal role in achieving this stability. Ford, a single father who won custody of his two daughters nearly three decades ago, worked diligently to provide for his family as it grew through remarriage. His commitment was fueled by the knowledge that leaving the job prematurely would jeopardize his retirement plans.

The outpouring of support was a testament to Ford’s decades-long contribution to his workplace and community. The donations flowed in from individuals all over the world, even catching the attention of well-known celebrities. Each donation, symbolic of his 27-year achievement, was thoughtfully set at $27.

Filled with gratitude, Ford announced his decision to retire, a step made possible by the extraordinary generosity he had experienced. Some of the funds enabled him to fulfill his long-held dream of visiting his grandchildren in Texas.

Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, Ford shared, “The miracle of the generosity of so many people all around the world has allowed me to save for retirement and my children’s and grandchildren’s futures and even to someday soon own my own home. Dreams really can come true.” The overwhelming support from both strangers and loved ones alike touched his heart deeply and reminded him of the power of genuine recognition.

Kevin Ford’s story stands as a testament to the impact of dedication, compassion, and the remarkable ways in which collective support can transform lives.

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