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Empowering Women:'s Vision to Impact 10,000 Workforce Lives

Empowering Women:’s Vision to Impact 10,000 Workforce Lives


In a resolute effort to champion women’s financial autonomy, leading matchmaking platform has joined hands with Udayan Care, a dedicated NGO committed to women’s empowerment. This pioneering collaboration seeks to extend financial support to women through the esteemed Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme.

With a steadfast mission to tackle the barriers impeding women’s financial empowerment and to foster gender parity through education and employment, this initiative aims to propel women towards self-sufficiency. Moreover, envisions equipping a substantial cohort of 10,000 women with skill enhancement and leadership training over a span of five years. This proactive approach strives for the seamless integration of women into the workforce by enabling them to transcend conventional limitations, opening doors to diverse fields and professional avenues.

Central to this movement is the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme, an impactful endeavor that nurtures the agency and social connections of young women. This empowering platform bolsters self-assurance, refines communication prowess, enhances social awareness, and boosts employability.

Empowering Women:'s Vision to Impact 10,000 Workforce Lives

The programme targets promising girls hailing from underprivileged backgrounds who have completed their 10th grade. These girls are selected by the NGO and are meticulously guided throughout their journey, spanning six years until graduation. What’s more, participants are afforded personalized mentoring and are immersed in a meticulously designed curriculum comprising 18 modules that encompass life skills and employability training.

Launched in 2002, this laudable initiative has been instrumental over 21 years, extending its influence across 34 city chapters in 13 states across India, ultimately impacting around 14,000 young women.

Adhish Zaveri, the Vice President of Marketing at, highlighted the platform’s unwavering commitment to catalyzing a significant transformation in the landscape of gender equality, particularly by addressing the concerning trend of women leaving the workforce post-marriage. He expressed his pride in the partnership with Udayan Care’s Shalini programme, noting its resonance with’s overarching vision of fostering initiatives that unlock avenues of livelihood and prospects for women.

The dedication of is unmistakably reinforced by the launch of a compelling campaign titled ‘RevolutioNaaris.’ This campaign serves as a beacon, illuminating the challenge of low female workforce participation rates prevalent in India.

As and Udayan Care synergize their efforts, their collaboration becomes a beacon of hope and empowerment for women across India, signifying a significant step towards breaking the chains that limit women’s potential in the workforce.

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