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Enhance Your Expertise in Google

Enhance Your Expertise in Google Cloud Computing with IIT Kharagpur’s Free Online Course


The ideal candidates for enrolling in this course are those who possess a foundational understanding of IT concepts and possess a curiosity for delving deeper into Cloud and Machine Learning domains. Moreover, participants should have proficiency in at least one programming language, such as Python or Java, and a familiarity with fundamental concepts like shell scripting and SQL.

The course structure is as follows:

Week 0: Introduction to the Course
The course kicks off with an introductory session that provides an overview of the learning journey ahead.

Week 1: So, What’s the Cloud Anyway? Start with a Solid Platform
Week one delves into the fundamentals of Cloud computing, establishing a strong platform for further exploration.

Week 2: Use GCP to Build Your Apps
Participants will explore the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and its utilization in application development during this module.

Week 3: Where Do I Store This Stuff?
Understanding storage solutions within the Cloud environment is the focus of this week, addressing how to efficiently manage data.

Enhance Your Expertise in Google
Enhance Your Expertise in Google

Week 4: There’s an API for That! You Can’t Secure the Cloud, Right?
Participants will learn about APIs and the crucial aspect of securing data and resources in the Cloud.

Week 5: It Helps to Network!
Week five emphasizes networking within the Cloud setup, providing insights into how it enhances overall functionality.

Week 6: It Helps to Network (Continued)
Building upon the previous week, this module further explores networking concepts within Cloud environments.

Week 7: Let Google Keep an Eye on Things. You Have the Data, but What Are You Doing With It?
Exploring data management and Google’s role in overseeing it, this module delves into effective data utilization.

Week 8: Let Machines Do the Work
The final week is dedicated to Machine Learning, highlighting how automated processes can amplify efficiency.

While the course itself is free for learning, participants desiring a certification will need to register and complete a proctored exam. This exam, conducted in person at designated exam centers, is optional and incurs a fee of Rs 1000/-. The exam is scheduled for October 29, 2023, with both morning (9 am to 12 noon) and afternoon (2 pm to 5 pm) sessions.

To be eligible for a certificate, participants need to meet the following criteria:

Average assignment score: 25% of the average of the best six assignments out of the total eight assignments.
Exam score: 75% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100.
The final certificate score is calculated as the sum of the average assignment score and the exam score. Registration details will be provided once the registration form is open, and any changes will be communicated accordingly.

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