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Exploring the Depths of the Job Market: Bengaluru CEO's Surprise at 3,000 Resumes in Just 48 Hours

Exploring the Depths of the Job Market: Bengaluru CEO’s Surprise at 3,000 Resumes in Just 48 Hours


A recent revelation by a Bengaluru-based CEO has shed light on the current state of the job market, leaving many shocked and intrigued. Kartik Mandaville, the CEO and founder of Springworks, a marketing technology company, took to Twitter to express his astonishment at the overwhelming number of job applications his company received. Within a span of just 48 hours, Mandaville received over 3,000 resumes for “permanently remote” job postings listed exclusively on the company’s website.

The tweet quickly gained traction, sparking a discussion about the job market in India. Some individuals viewed the high volume of applications as an indication of intense competition, while others believed it was a consequence of the increasing number of layoffs, driving talented individuals to actively seek employment opportunities.

Mandaville clarified that the job postings were not advertised on any external platforms, with details exclusively provided on the company’s website. Consequently, the 3,000 resumes received represented individuals who were actively job hunting and specifically interested in working for Springworks. The CEO expressed surprise at the response, noting that this had not been the norm thus far.

Exploring the Depths of the Job Market: Bengaluru CEO's Surprise at 3,000 Resumes in Just 48 Hours

The Springworks website displayed job openings for various roles, such as product, founders office, and software development engineer, all of which were designated as “permanently remote.”

As Mandaville’s tweet gained momentum, users engaged in a debate about the current state of the job market. Some users echoed similar experiences, attesting to the highly competitive nature of job applications and the vast number of qualified candidates vying for limited positions. Others expressed concern about the unemployment rate and the desperation of young individuals seeking employment, even if it meant pursuing jobs unrelated to their college education.

The unexpected influx of job applications received by Springworks has shed light on the challenging job market conditions in Bengaluru and sparked a broader conversation about the employment landscape in India. As individuals continue to navigate these uncertain times, it remains crucial for employers and job seekers alike to adapt to evolving market dynamics and seek opportunities that align with their goals and aspirations.

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