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From Meta to Google: A Journey of Career Fulfillment

From Meta to Google: A Journey of Career Fulfillment

Hou Zhuoni Hermione, a former Meta employee who dedicated over three years of her career to the tech giant, found herself facing an unexpected turn of events when she was laid off from the company. However, her story takes a remarkable twist as she not only bounced back but also landed her dream job at Google just five months after leaving Meta. Hermione’s journey serves as a testament to the ever-changing landscape of tech careers and the importance of pursuing one’s passions even in the face of adversity.

Hermione’s association with Meta began during the challenging times of the pandemic when she was hired as a project sourcing manager. Throughout her tenure at Meta, she felt fortunate and well-cared for by the company. However, deep down, she harbored a dream to work for Google, the company she had always aspired to be a part of.

After her unexpected departure from Meta, Hermione’s dream finally materialized when she received a job offer from Google. While the dream remained intact, the setting had changed dramatically. Instead of a short commute to the office, Hermione was now preparing for a 16+ hour flight, relocating to Dublin, Ireland, to assume the role of a regional commodity manager for EMEA.

From Meta to Google: A Journey of Career Fulfillment

The news of her new adventure was met with an outpouring of congratulations and support from friends, colleagues, and well-wishers on LinkedIn. Hermione’s excitement was palpable as she embarked on this new chapter of her career, saying, “This almost feels like the first time I went overseas, and I’m happy to fit into the same shoes as when I was 20. I shall try my best, and this will be fun.”

While awaiting her joining date at Google, Hermione has been using her time wisely, engaging in various physical and mental activities to stay energized and focused. Her daily routine includes workouts on elliptical machines, weightlifting, swimming, and even fencing, reflecting her determination to be physically and mentally prepared for the exciting challenges ahead.

Meanwhile, Meta, the company Hermione parted ways with, is also undergoing significant changes. Reports suggest that the company is planning to downsize its workforce in the Reality Labs division, which is responsible for developing custom silicon for metaverse-related projects. Employees within this unit have been notified about potential layoffs through Meta’s internal discussion forum, Workplace.

Hou Zhuoni Hermione’s journey serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of career paths in the tech industry. Her transition from Meta to Google underscores the importance of staying true to one’s dreams and remaining resilient in the face of unexpected career shifts. As she steps into her new role at Google, one thing is certain – Hermione is fully prepared for the thrilling adventure that lies ahead.

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