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Here’s why Amazon is asking managers to give low ratings

Quiet firing in process? Here’s why Amazon is asking managers to give low ratings to employees

Reports suggest that Amazon is implementing a stringent Return to Office (RTO) policy and taking measures to enforce compliance among employees. According to information from Business Insider, the e-commerce giant is instructing managers to assign lower performance ratings to individuals who do not adhere to the RTO policy. Additionally, there are claims that Amazon is going to the extent of blocking promotions for employees who fail to meet the criteria for in-office attendance.

Insider sources reveal that some Amazon employees suspect the company’s strict return-to-office policy may be part of a broader strategy resembling a “quiet firing” plan. This narrative suggests that Amazon is deliberately creating challenging conditions to motivate employees to leave voluntarily, thereby facilitating cost-cutting measures without resorting to outright terminations.

Here’s why Amazon is asking managers to give low ratings

The controversy surrounding Amazon’s return-to-office policy emerged in early 2023 when the company initiated efforts to bring most staff back to the office for at least three days a week. Subsequently, in July, Amazon introduced a “return-to-hub” policy, designating central locations for specific teams. Employees who do not comply with this policy are reportedly given the ultimatum to either find another team or face a “voluntary resignation,” where their non-compliance is treated as a self-initiated departure.

These developments within Amazon have sparked discussions and raised concerns about the company’s approach to remote work and the potential impact on its workforce. As the situation unfolds, employees and industry observers are closely watching how Amazon’s return-to-office policies will shape the work culture and dynamics within the organization.

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