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HR Leaders Predict Selective Hiring in 2023

HR Leaders Predict Selective Hiring in 2023: Survey Reveals 59% Agreement


In 2023, a survey conducted among HR professionals revealed interesting insights into the hiring and attrition trends within the industry. The survey gathered responses from over 30 HR leaders, shedding light on the current and future state of the HR landscape.

According to the survey, 71% of the leaders believed that attrition had declined in 2023. Meanwhile, 17% believed it remained at similar levels compared to 2022, and 13% reported an increase in attrition for the current year.

When it came to hiring practices, 59% of the HR professionals anticipated selective hiring in 2023. Around 33% of leaders envisioned aggressive hiring, while 7% believed there would be a pause in hiring activities.

The survey further explored the growth outlook of various businesses. Approximately 48% of leaders stated they were experiencing steady growth, and 20% believed their business maintained a similar level as the previous year. In contrast, 16% of leaders reported aggressive growth, while only 8% perceived a decline compared to the previous year. Another 8% of leaders were realigning their investments.

HR Leaders Predict Selective Hiring in 2023

Among the factors influencing candidates’ decisions in accepting job roles, the survey identified several considerations. These included compensation, work-life balance, job security, advancement opportunities, opportunities to learn new skills, and global exposure, among others.

Jasvinder Bedi, the managing partner at Biz Staffing Comrade Pvt Ltd, emphasized the importance of these insights in navigating economic uncertainties for HR professionals. He highlighted that in the face of ever-changing work environments, HR professionals would seek new approaches and technologies to develop and retain talent effectively. The success of modern organizations heavily relies on the success of their workforce, but a persistent skills gap across industries impacts productivity, business growth, and innovation. Therefore, talent acquisition plays a critical role in addressing these challenges and ensuring the success of organizations.

In conclusion, the survey conducted by Biz Staffing Comrade Pvt Ltd provided valuable information for HR professionals to better understand and address the current economic uncertainties and the ever-evolving demands of the talent market. As they navigate through these challenges, HR leaders are likely to adopt new strategies and technologies to enhance talent development and retention within their organizations.

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