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IIT Bombay’s 1998 batch donates ₹57 cr to alma mater as part of silver jubilee reunion

IIT Bombay’s 1998 batch donates ₹57 cr to alma mater as part of silver jubilee reunion

In a historic move, the 1998 batch of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, has made an unparalleled contribution of ₹57 crore as part of their silver jubilee reunion celebration. This landmark donation surpasses the previous record set by the class of 1971, who donated ₹41 crore during their golden jubilee celebration.

Over 200 alumni from the Class of 1998 rallied together to make substantial contributions, with notable donations from influential global executives. Among them are Apoorv Saxena, managing director of the private equity firm Silver Lake; Shailendra Singh, managing director of Peak XV; Anupam Banerjee, managing director of Vector Capital; Dileep George from AI Research, Google DeepMind; Mohan Lakahmraju, CEO of Great Learning; Manu Varma, Senior Vice President of Coloplast; Sundar Iyer, Silicon Valley entrepreneur; Sandeep Joshi, Co-founder and CEO of Indovance; and Srikant Shetty, Chief Growth Officer, Americas, at HCL.

The significant contribution made by the Class of 1998 was commemorated on December 24, 2023, during IIT Bombay’s Alumni Day, coinciding with their silver jubilee reunion. This generous donation not only marks a historic moment for the alma mater but also surpasses the noteworthy contribution made by the Class of 1971 during their Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2022.

IIT Bombay’s 1998 batch donates ₹57 cr to alma mater as part of silver jubilee reunion

The funds raised by the Class of 1998 are earmarked to play a pivotal role in supporting key academic projects and shaping the research landscape at IIT Bombay. These initiatives include Project Evergreen, a venture focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly hostels; Makerspace labs designed to foster innovation and creativity; and Student Aid programs, including scholarships, aimed at supporting the aspirations of future generations.

Furthermore, these funds will contribute significantly to IIT Bombay’s ambitious 2030 vision, which aims to secure a position among the top 50 universities globally. This substantial donation from the Class of 1998 is not only a testament to their commitment to their alma mater but also a significant stride toward establishing a legacy of excellence on the international stage.

In summary, the Class of 1998’s ₹57 crore donation to IIT Bombay represents not only a new record for the highest donation by a single class but also a remarkable example of alumni dedication and support for advancing academic excellence and research initiatives at their alma mater.

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