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IndiGo Takes Flight: Crew Members' Salaries Surge by 10% from October 1

IndiGo Takes Flight: Crew Members’ Salaries Surge by 10% from October 1

Interglobe Aviation Ltd., the parent company of India’s leading domestic airline, IndiGo, has recently announced a salary hike for its pilots and cabin crew, set to take effect from October 1. This positive development was reported by the Economic Times.

This salary increase follows a similar move by IndiGo in the previous year, where salaries were raised by more than 10% in two installments, reflecting the company’s commitment to its employees.

Notably, the airline has also decided to maintain a fixed pay structure for its pilots, which guarantees a consistent monthly salary based on 70 hours of work. This decision is expected to provide stability and predictability for the pilots.

IndiGo’s strong financial performance adds to the significance of this salary adjustment. In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023-24, the airline achieved a record net profit of Rs 3,090 crore, underscoring its robust position in the aviation industry.

IndiGo Takes Flight: Crew Members' Salaries Surge by 10% from October 1

It’s worth noting that Indian airlines are currently grappling with the challenge of retaining their existing pilot workforce while simultaneously recruiting new pilots. This is particularly challenging as the industry aims to expand both on the domestic and international fronts, a task complicated by previous workforce reductions during the pandemic.

The salary hike by IndiGo is expected to not only boost employee morale but also help the airline attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive aviation job market. This move reaffirms the company’s dedication to its workforce and its commitment to remaining a leader in the Indian aviation sector.

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