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Infosys Appraisal Cycle Update: Salary Hike News and More

Infosys Appraisal Cycle Update: Salary Hike News and More

Infosys, India’s second-largest IT exporter, is gearing up to kickstart its ‘Performance Review Cycle October 2023’ from September 29th. While employees are preparing for their self-evaluations, there’s growing concern regarding the pending salary hikes from the previous performance cycle.

In an email circulated to the company’s managers, Infosys outlined the process of self-evaluation, which is set to commence on September 29th. The evaluation of managers will be completed by the end of October, with individual employee ratings expected to be communicated by the first week of December.

However, recent reports from Economic Times shed light on a critical issue. According to ET, employees are still awaiting their salary hikes from the last performance cycle. ET claims to have seen a copy of the email sent by Infosys to its managers, confirming the commencement of the fresh appraisal cycle for the current financial year. This revelation has left some employees in a quandary, given the outstanding hikes from the prior cycle.

Infosys Appraisal Cycle Update: Salary Hike News and More

The self-evaluation, as specified in the email sent by Infosys, pertains to performance between October 2022 and September 2023. Employees, speaking on condition of anonymity, expressed their concerns. On one hand, they’re gearing up for the fresh appraisal cycle, and on the other, they have yet to receive the salary hikes owed to them from the previous appraisal cycle, which spanned from October 2021 to September 2022.

Adding to the uncertainty, there’s a lack of clarity regarding whether the pending hikes will be incorporated into the upcoming increment cycle or left unresolved. Employees are eager to know if their self-evaluation and achievements will finally be rewarded. Last year, the appraisal process was completed, and ratings were assigned, but the eagerly anticipated salary hikes, typically released in June or July, remain elusive.

As Infosys embarks on its new appraisal cycle for the current financial year, employees anxiously await not only their performance evaluations but also answers regarding the pending salary hikes. The resolution to this matter remains a significant point of concern within the Infosys workforce.

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