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Infosys Introduces Hybrid Work Model

Infosys Introduces Hybrid Work Model: Work from Home and Office Now Available for Employees


During the 42nd Annual General Meeting, CEO and Managing Director of Infosys, Salil Parekh, announced that the company is allowing its employees to work from both home and office. While many employees are prepared to work remotely, certain clients have specifically requested that their projects be handled from the office rather than from home.

Parekh emphasized the importance of social capital and the need for connection, innovation, and training among employees in the future. He stated that Infosys is aiming for a flexible work approach where employees have the option to work from home or in a hybrid manner. In situations where clients require off-site project handling, the company has employees who work within the campus.

Infosys, with approximately 3.4 lakh employees, encourages individuals to come to the office for a few days as it believes this enhances social capital. The decision to work from the office or home depends largely on the requirements of the customers. If a customer insists on on-site work, employees are expected to comply.

Infosys Introduces Hybrid Work Model
Infosys Introduces Hybrid Work Model

Responding to a shareholder’s query regarding business in South America and the Middle East, Parekh mentioned that although Infosys has a presence in both regions, the revenue generated from these areas is relatively low. However, he expressed the company’s intention to focus more on the Middle East and seize the vast opportunities available in that market.

In summary, Infosys is embracing a flexible work model that allows employees to work from both home and office, catering to the preferences and demands of its clients. The company recognizes the significance of social capital and aims to foster a connected and innovative work environment for its employees.

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