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Kalyan Railway Station, a Relic of British India, to Get a ₹900-Crore Facelift

Kalyan Railway Station, a Relic of British India, to Get a ₹900-Crore Facelift

Central Railway (CR) has unveiled ambitious plans to transform the 169-year-old Kalyan railway station in Mumbai, India, with a ₹900 crore ($121 million) makeover. This upgrade aims to enhance the station’s functionality by introducing a long-distance train terminus, among other facilities. One primary goal of the project is to segregate tracks for suburban local trains and express trains, improving punctuality and reducing passenger inconvenience. This much-needed transformation is expected to be completed by the year 2025-26.

At present, Kalyan station plays a vital role, with over 850 trains departing daily, connecting Mumbai to cities like Nashik and Pune. However, since its inception in 1854, the station has not entirely separated tracks for long-distance and local trains. This has led to issues with train punctuality and passenger convenience.

To address these challenges, CR officials plan to repurpose part of the 32 rail lines within the goods yard located to the station’s east. This area will accommodate the new terminus, a railway office building, retail and commercial structures, and a multi-level car park. The goal is to clear the entire yard and allocate 12 tracks for goods trains while converting six others, equipped with an equal number of platforms, for the terminus.

The revamped station will feature a substantial concourse above the terminus, interconnecting the platforms below. Improvements will also include new foot overbridges, road overbridges, and travelators connecting the suburban area with the proposed terminus. Given the limited connectivity on the station’s east side, plans are underway to facilitate passenger movement from the west and suburban platforms. This involves constructing elevated roads, an upper deck, and various options for passengers to access the terminus comfortably.

Kalyan Railway Station, a Relic of British India, to Get a ₹900-Crore Facelift

In a recent visit to Kalyan station, Naresh Lalwani, the General Manager of CR, assessed progress on the proposed terminus, track segregation, and line separation for trains heading to Kasara and Karjat.

The makeover of Kalyan station is expected to significantly enhance its capacity and services. For instance, it is designed to accommodate more than 5.65 lakh passengers per day, compared to the current capacity of 3.72 lakh passengers. The redevelopment will also allow for the construction of more spacious waiting halls, capable of seating nearly 6,000 passengers, as opposed to the current 300. Additionally, transparent roofs will be introduced to enhance aesthetics and ventilation.

This transformation of Kalyan station is a promising endeavor that aims to modernize infrastructure, improve passenger experiences, and boost the efficiency of train services.

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