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Microsoft launches initiative to train 100,000 Indian developers on AI

Microsoft launches initiative to train 100,000 Indian developers on AI

Microsoft has unveiled its latest initiative, the AI Odyssey, with the ambitious goal of upskilling 100,000 developers in India on the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and tools. The program aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience for developers to acquire and demonstrate the essential skills required for executing critical projects aligned with business goals and outcomes.

The AI Odyssey program spans a month and is accessible to everyone, irrespective of their prior experience or background. Interested developers can register on the AIOdyssey portal to gain access to various learning modules and resources, according to an official statement released by Microsoft.

Microsoft launches initiative to train 100,000 Indian developers on AI

The program is structured into two levels, both of which participants are expected to complete by the end of the month. In the initial level, developers will be educated on utilizing Azure AI services to create and deploy AI solutions for diverse scenarios. Moving on to the second level, participants will undergo an online assessment featuring interactive lab tasks, ultimately earning them ‘Microsoft Applied Skills credentials.’

The Microsoft Applied Skills credential is described as a new verifiable credential designed to validate developers’ abilities in solving real-world problems using AI. Irina Ghose, Managing Director of Microsoft India, emphasized the significance of AI in driving innovation, with India leading the way in tech talent. She mentioned that the Microsoft Applied Skills credential will enable developers to showcase their competence and creativity in highly sought-after AI skills and scenarios, contributing to India’s economy.

As a further incentive, Microsoft announced that developers who successfully complete both levels of the challenges will stand a chance to win a VIP Pass to attend the Microsoft AI Tour scheduled for February 2024 in Bangalore. This initiative not only underscores Microsoft’s commitment to fostering AI expertise but also aims to encourage developers to actively participate and contribute to the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

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