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Motilal Oswal Urges Employees

Motilal Oswal Urges Employees to Disconnect After 8-8.5 Hour Workday

In the midst of ongoing discussions surrounding work hours, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, a prominent stock broking firm, has introduced a new policy limiting employees to their designated shifts of 8 to 8.5 hours. The primary objective behind this initiative, as highlighted by Niren Srivastava, the group’s chief HR officer, is to prioritize employee well-being and enhance overall productivity, according to a report by The Economic Times.

Termed ‘switch-off,’ this policy entails the closure of the company’s email servers after a 45-minute grace period following the shift, preventing the sending and receiving of emails both internally and externally. Additionally, employees exceeding their allotted shift times will be required to leave the office premises immediately.

Motilal Oswal, the group’s managing director and CEO, emphasized that the significance lies not in the number of hours worked but rather in the employees’ mental peace, contentment, welfare, and efficiency. The policy, he emphasized, is an essential step in allowing employees the freedom to prioritize their health and well-being.

Motilal Oswal Urges Employees

The responsibility for implementing the new policy across all offices has been entrusted to the administrative and HR departments. Approximately 9,500 of the firm’s 11,000 employees will be subject to this policy, excluding top executives and employees from private equity, asset and wealth management, and investment banking, who maintain their own distinct work schedules.

The group’s chief HR officer underscored that the “human brain gets saturated beyond 8.0-8.5 hours,” stressing the necessity of factoring in commuting time. He further emphasized the company’s philosophy of expecting employees to adhere to punctuality in their arrival and departure times. “Work essentially begins when one leaves home and ends upon returning, so organizations must also consider the 3-4 hours spent in travel time, especially in metropolitan cities,” he asserted, as reported by ET.

Contrary to recent suggestions from some entrepreneurs and executives advocating for 12-14 working hours a day, the broking firm’s new policy underscores the importance of maintaining a balanced work schedule. This discussion was triggered by Infosys founder Narayana Murthy’s recommendation that young professionals should dedicate 70 hours a week to work, sparking a broader debate on the optimal work-life balance.

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