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TCS Manages 11,000 Roles in Maharashtra Health Department: A Global Oversight

TCS Manages 11,000 Roles in Maharashtra Health Department: A Global Oversight


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a renowned entity specializing in IT services, consulting, and business solutions, has taken on a pivotal role in overseeing the recruitment drive for a staggering 11,000 positions within the Health Department of Maharashtra. This initiative is geared towards addressing the crucial need for skilled personnel in the state’s healthcare sector.

The recruitment endeavor specifically targets the fulfillment of 10,949 vacancies encompassing a diverse range of roles. These vacancies span across categories C and D and are tailored for both technical and non-technical capacities, with a primary focus on crucial roles like nurses. The targeted deployment of staff extends across various government hospitals and healthcare facilities, thus fortifying the healthcare infrastructure.

Highlighting the scope of this recruitment campaign, Maharashtra’s Health Minister, Tanaji Sawant, emphasized the significance of the roles to be filled. He stated, “There are 60 different types of posts in the C and D categories, including nurses, technical staff, and non-technical staff. With this, the state will be able to fill almost all the posts in C and D categories in all the government hospitals.”

Central to the execution of this expansive recruitment drive is Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The entirety of the recruitment process, from advertising the positions to conducting the examinations, will be orchestrated through TCS’s expertise. This process is slated to be carried out online, aligning with modern recruitment practices.

TCS’s proactive stance in expanding its workforce aligns with its broader growth strategy. Milind Lakkad, Chief HR Officer at TCS, acknowledged the pivotal role of the recruitment team in swiftly scaling up the hiring process. This strategic approach has allowed TCS to not only meet its delivery commitments but also facilitate its expansion endeavors.

TCS Manages 11,000 Roles in Maharashtra Health Department: A Global Oversight

Lakkad highlighted the numbers, stating, “We are honoring all job offers, and have added 22,600 employees on a net basis in FY 23. During the year, we onboarded over 44K freshers and our highest-ever number of experienced professionals.” In line with this growth, TCS has been making significant strides in talent development, with over 53,000 cloud certifications obtained during the year, further establishing its prowess in technology.

The recruitment drive extends beyond fresh talent, with TCS also focusing on lateral hires who had faced a three-month delay in their onboarding due to various reasons. The company expressed its eagerness to welcome these new additions through an in-person onboarding program.

TCS’s workforce strength for the current quarter stands at an impressive 615,318, with a net headcount addition of 523 employees. Notably, the company places a strong emphasis on diversity, with women constituting 35.8% of its workforce.

The trajectory of TCS’s workforce expansion has been consistently upward, with its headcount reaching 614,795 as of March 31, 2023, and 613,974 as of December 31, 2022. This trend underscores the organization’s commitment to growth, technological excellence, and contributing to vital sectors such as healthcare through its strategic oversight and recruitment endeavors.

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