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Tech layoffs 2024 live updates: Google, Amazon embark on fresh rounds of job cuts

Tech layoffs 2024 live updates: Google, Amazon embark on fresh rounds of job cuts

As the New Year unfolds, the tech and startup sectors are grappling with a sobering reality—thousands of employees are facing joblessness as a result of the harsh wave of mass layoffs in the early days of 2023, driven by economic uncertainties.

According to data from, a platform that tracks workforce reductions, 48 tech companies have already laid off a staggering 7,528 employees by January 15. This alarming statistic serves as an early indicator that the tech industry might encounter another challenging year, following the massive job losses witnessed in the previous year. In 2023, over 1,150 tech companies collectively terminated the employment of more than 260,000 individuals.

Among the prominent entities undergoing significant staff reductions is Alphabet’s Google. The company has decided to lay off hundreds of employees from its digital assistant, hardware, and engineering teams. A spokesperson from Google acknowledged these organizational changes, citing role eliminations on a global scale. This move reflects the ongoing restructuring efforts within the tech giant.

Tech layoffs 2024 live updates: Google, Amazon embark on fresh rounds of job cuts

Audible, the online audiobook and podcast service, is also not immune to the trend. The company is set to let go of approximately 5% of its workforce. In a memo addressed to Audible employees, CEO Bob Carrigan emphasized that while the company remains in good standing, it is navigating through an “increasingly challenging landscape.” The decision to downsize reflects the broader economic challenges that various tech companies are currently confronting.

Amazon Prime Video, a major player in the streaming industry, is not exempt from the industry-wide layoffs. The company disclosed plans to lay off several hundred employees engaged in its streaming and studio operations, as outlined in an internal communication. Those affected in Prime Video and Amazon MGM Studios in the Americas are expected to receive notifications about their employment status in the near future.

These instances underscore the prevailing economic uncertainties affecting the tech industry, prompting companies to make difficult decisions in the face of challenges. As the landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how these organizations and their employees will navigate the complexities of the job market in the coming months.

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